Sherlock Holmes Meets H.G. Wells, New Solar Pons Now Available on Amazon and Blurb, and a Great Halloween Holmes Anthology from MX Publishing!

Sherlock Holmes: Adventures in the Realms of H.G. Wells Now Available on Kickstarter
Imagine Holmes trying to solve the case of an invisible man attacking London - matching wits with a traveler from out of time - tracking down a human/feline hybrid - using his deductive skills to help fight Martian and lunar invaders! These are just some of the stories included in the new anthology Sherlock Holmes: Adventures in the Realms of H.G. Wells.

For this two volume collection of stories, we asked authors to tie Sherlock Holmes in with characters from at least one H.G. Wells story. Wells, though a writer of the fantastic, always tried to ground his writing in the possibilities of science.  The results are astounding!

Read how Holmes deals with characters and scenarios from:

The War of the WorldsThe Island of Dr. MoreauThe First Men in the MoonThe Time MachineThe Invisible ManThe New AcceleratorThe Man Who Could Work MiraclesThe Country of the BlindAnd many more!! You can get this anthology in h…

Sherlock Holmes Fans Rejoice! Solar Pons is Back!! Available on Kickstarter!

Sherlock Holmes Fans Rejoice! Solar Pons is Back!! That's right! Belanger Books and Arkham House Publishers are proud to announce that The Sherlock Holmes of Praed Street is back in twelve new stories written by Sherlockian scribe David Marcum.  “It is with great pleasure & excitement to announce this news; The Derleth Solar Pons character will be coming back to life in the 21st Century!” said Danielle Hackett and Damon Derleth, co-owners of Arkham House Publishers Inc., in a joint statement. The book, The Papers of Solar Pons is now available on Kickstarter in paperback, hardcover, and e-book editions. 
Who is Solar Pons? Solar Pons was a detective character created by August Derleth in the 1920s to act as a continuation of Sherlock Holmes. Derleth, who famously created Arkham House Publishing to preserve the writings of his friend, author HP Lovecraft, had corresponded with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, asking whether Doyle would be providing any new Holmes adventures. When Doyle …

The Little That Remains... The Death (and Resurrection?) of Twin Peaks and Sherlock Holmes

This article contains spoilers for both the Sherlock Holmes stories by Arthur Conan Doyle and the television show Twin Peaks, up through and including the end of both of these series.Read on at your own peril…
"Is it future or is it past?"
--- The Man From Another Place, Twin Peaks

“A few words may suffice to tell the little that remains.” --- John Watson, The Final Problem

BRIAN:  There is nobody alive today who knows what it was like to read Doyle’s “The Final Problem” when it was first published.According to all accounts, the shockwaves that this story sent throughout that era’s pop culture were devastating.Holmes was dead!Sherlock Holmes --- the Great Detective, champion of the oppressed, the one person who could always be counted on to solve the crime and bring justice to the wronged, be they privileged or poor.His stories had regaled the readers of The Strand magazine for years; had become a very part of those readers’ lives; and now, those readers learned to their d…

Do the Errors of Sherlock Holmes Explain the Errors of Twin Peaks?

Do The Errors of Sherlock Holmes Explain The Errors of Twin Peaks?
Spoiler Alert:  This article contains several spoilers for both the original canon of Sherlock Holmes stories and all three seasons of Twin Peaks.  Do not read this article if you're not caught up!
"As a rule, the more bizarre a thing is the less mysterious it proves to be." --Sherlock Holmes, The Red Headed League
DERRICK:  One of the joys of being a Sherlockian is "playing the game".  This is when Sherlock Holmes fans pretend that Holmes and Watson were real people and that the original Sherlock Holmes stories are based on real cases.  What makes this particularly enjoyable is trying to explain all the errors Doyle made in the original stories, and - oh boy - there are tons of them.  They go from the relatively minor to all-out whoppers. For example, Colonel Sebastian Moran makes a nearly impossible shot from his position when killing Roger Adair in "The Adventure of the Empty House"…

The Log Lady and The Woman (Another Entry in our Twin Peaks/ Sherlock Holmes Series)

WARNING:  this article contains spoilers for both the Sherlock Holmes canon and the Twin Peaks series.  DO NOT READ THIS if you're not caught up with Twin Peaks or haven't read Arthur Conan Doyle's "A Scandal in Bohemia".

"...she is always the woman. I have seldom heard him mention her under any other name."

--Dr. Watson, A Scandal in Bohemia

"I carry a log -- yes.  Is it funny to you?  It is not to me."

-- Margaret Lanterman, aka The Log Lady,  Twin Peaks season 1

DERRICK:  The Woman!  To Sherlock Holmes, Irene Adler will always be the woman.  To Twin Peaks fans, Margaret Lanterman, the Log Lady, will always be the woman.  She was the heart and soul of the series.  Both characters were a step above the men around them.  They knew much more than they were given credit for; even the detectives were always a few clues behind them.

Sadly, now both characters have passed away.  Irene Adler died from some unknown cause, referred to as the late Ir…

The Distinction Is Clear or is it? Time to Analyze Twin Peaks the Return Episode 13 Through a Sherlockian Lens

Episodes 12 & 13:The Distinction Is Clear

WARNING: Do not read this article if you haven't been watching up through episode 13 of Twin Peaks: The Return.  We don't want to spoil your fun!

“You see, but you do not observe.The distinction is clear.” --- A Scandal In Bohemia

Brian: Things are speeding up as we enter the final third of Twin Peaks: The Return.While some earlier episodes… have… seemed… mmm… padded (and that’s putting it kindly)… the last few episodes have roared to life, tantalizing us as plot threads intertwine and hint at possible resolutions.Of all the recent surprises, none have been more welcome for me than the return of fan-favorite character Audrey Horne.Her scene is split between the last two episodes, and reveals such a wealth of information that it demands special attention.
First, to see; then to observe.
On first viewing, the scene is straightforward:Audrey is now married and asks her husband to come with her to the Road House to look for “Billy”.Her hus…

New Junior Sherlockian Society Includes Derrick Belanger's 10 Rules for a Young Adult Writing a Pastiche!

Today is August 9th, the 221st day of the year!  To celebrate this singular day, the Beacon Society, a scion society of the Baker Street Irregulars which focuses on exemplary educational experiences that introduce children and young adults to Sherlock Holmes, proudly launches the Junior Sherlockian Society

The society invites children and youth to complete Junior Sherlockian Training- an in-depth study of Sherlock Holmes’s character traits, observational skills, capacity for critical thought, and inductive and deductive reasoning. During the online training, Sherlockians-in-Training complete the 2-2-1-b tasks to explore , experience , and extend their understanding and appreciation of the great detective.
Upon completion of the tasks and submission of “training evidence,” a certificate of completion is granted.

This is pretty much the Sherlockian equivalent of the Junior Ranger's program available through the American National Parks Service. All teachers who want to spread the joy …