Belanger Books E-book Sale and Free Children's Books! Lots of Sherlock Holmes Titles for 99 cents!!

Belanger Books is having a major ebook sale going on now at!  See below for our ebooks available NOW for 99 cents and Children and YA books available for FREE!!  But you have to act fast. The sale ends SOON!!

Sherlock Holmes Books for 99 Cents!!!  In addition to Beyond Watson, see other Sherlock Holmes books for 99 cents below!

Get both e-book volumes of Sherlock Holmes: Adventures in the Realms of H.G. Wells for only 99 cents each!!
The World's Greatest Detective in the Realms of the Master of Science Fiction!  Imagine Holmes trying to solve the case of an invisible man attacking London - matching wits with a traveler from out of time - tracking down a human/feline hybrid - using his deductive skills to help fight Martian and lunar invaders! These are just some of the stories included in Sherlock Holmes: Adventures in the Realms of H.G. Wells.  This one-of-a-kind two volume anthology features traditional Sherlock Holmes stories blended with one or more tales from H.G.…

Sherlock Holmes Book Sale and Book Signing on 5/19 in Broomfield, Colorado

Belanger Books wants to start summer off right! And what better way than with a book sale and a book signing?  Starting on May 18th many of our ebooks will be on sale for 99cents, and all of our children's and YA ebooks will be available for free!

You can get books such as Sherlock Holmes in the Realms of H.G. Wells, The Secret Diary of Mycroft Holmes, The Voyage of the Lunar Schooner, and My Peculiar Family for just 99 cents from May 18th until May 25th.

You can get books such as  Curse of the Deadly Dinosaur (The MacDougall Twins with Sherlock Holmes), The Tall Tales of Starman Steve, and Dragonella all for FREE starting on May 18th until May 22nd.

Look for another blog post with all of the titles for sale and for free on May 18th.

For those who prefer holding books in their hands, Derrick Belanger and Chuck Davis will be signing copies of Sherlock Holmes: Adventures in the Realms of H.G. Wells, Holmes Away From Home: Adventures from the Great Hiatus, as well as other books fro…

Beyond Watson, Our First Sherlock Holmes Collection, Gets the Audio Treatment and Interview with Mark Levy on Trophy Envy (as Heard on the Public Radio Show Weekend Radio)

Beyond Watson - The Audio Book Back in 2016, Belanger Books published our first collection of Sherlock Holmes stories entitled Beyond Watson. The book consisted of a series of Sherlock Holmes stories NOT told by Dr. Watson., and it started Belanger Books along the path of being noted as a publisher of new Sherlock Holmes fiction.  The book is probably best known for containing the only Sherlock Holmes story by Nebula Award winning author Jack McDevitt.  For an I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere interview article with Mr. McDevitt click here.  
Beyond Watson Description:
Imagine a Holmes Without his Boswell...
Or, as is the case with the volume you now hold in your hands, imagine a Holmes without the voice of Watson. Is there a difference? After all, we have learned about the great detective not through his own voice and eyes, but through that of his loyal companion, his dear friend, his Boswell. What might we be missing? Who else could tell of the great detective’s feats?
Find out as toda…

Upcoming Sherlocks Holmes Projects; More Solar Pons; Our First Spanish Language Children's Book (Dragonella); Plus an Author Interview with Elizabeth Varadan

Solar Pons Kickstarter a Smashing Success We want to start this blog entry by personally thanking everyone who backed the first four original August Derleth Solar Pons books on Kickstarter.  Because of the campaign's success we can officially announce that we will run a second Kickstarter for the remaining books in the original Solar Pons series in October.
A special thank you goes out to Arkham House for giving us their blessing in putting this project together, and to David Marcum who painstakingly restored and digitized the original texts. David is also putting together a "Bonus" book of previously published but uncollected in a single volume Solar Pons material (The Apocrypha) which will be part of the upcoming Kickstarter. Our plan is to have the complete set of original Solar Pons books released by Christmas of 2018!
Dragonella in Spanish! An Author Interview with Elizabeth Varadan

Belanger Books has a growing line of Children's and Young Adult books. We are e…

Sherlock Gnomes - a Canonical Review; Belanger Books Sherlock Holmes Children's Books

Sherlock Gnomes: A Review The 21st Century revival of Sherlock Holmes may be reaching its limit. We've had two modern takes on the Great detective (Sherlock and Elementary), an action film version (the Robert Downey Jr. Sherlock Holmes films), and a traditional take on the detective in Russian (the 2013 series starring Igor Petrenko).  We now have the Gnome version in the children's film Sherlock Gnomes, a fun if forgettable film with some surprising canonical references. Please note that this is a film review and some of the information may be considered spoilers.
The plot of the film begins with Gnomeo (James McAvoy) and Juliet (Emily Blunt) moving to a new "fixer upper" home with their garden gnome family.  While the gnome duo is away at a flower shop, all of their gnome family is kidnapped.  Never fear for Sherlock Gnomes (Johnny Depp) and Dr. Gnome Watson (Chiwetel Ejiofor) are on the case!  Sherlock Gnomes, Watson, Gnomeo, and Juliet team up to follow clues le…

Last Chance to Back Solar Pons, and The Return of My Peculiar Family!

Last Chance to Back Solar Pons on Kickstarter! By the time this blog entry posts, there will be about 48 hours left to back the original Solar Pons books by August Derleth on Kickstarter.
“Solar Pons came into being out of Sherlock Holmes . . . .” – August Derleth 

 In 1928, college student August Derleth wrote to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, asking if any more Sherlock Holmes adventures were going to be published. Upon receiving a negative reply, Derleth decided to provide some of his own. However, rather than relating more tales of Holmes and Dr. Watson, he ended up introducing the world to Solar Pons and Dr. Lyndon Parker, living in London during the 1920’s and 1930’s. Pons solved crimes using deduction and ratiocination, often referring to Holmes as “The Master” or “My illustrious predecessor”. Since his first appearance, Pons has been a favorite with Sherlockians. Between the 1920’s and the early 1970’s, Derleth produced over seventy Pons short stories and novels, publishing them thr…

The Original Solar Pons Returns, New Children's Book Page, and Sherlock Holmes Submissions

Belanger Books New Children and YA Page on Facebook
While Belanger Books is mainly known for our publications of new Sherlock Holmes stories, we also have a growing line of children and young adult books.  To showcase these publications, we've started a new page on Facebook dedicated just to our children's and YA lit.  
Here you will learn about our current children's books, some Sherlockian (The MacDougall Twins with Sherlock Holmes, Scones and Bones on Baker Street), and some not (Dragonella, The Tall Tales of Starman Steve).  

You will also learn about our upcoming Children and YA books including:
The Rascal in the Castle (A Sherlock Holmes Adventure) by Brenda Seabrooke
The Carnival of the Animals by Elizabeth Varadan
Albert's Voice by John Sutton
Look for more details and a Kickstarter coming soon! Join the Facebook page today!

Accepting Submissions for Two Anthologies
There's still time to submit to these projects!
Anthology #1 - Sherlock Holmes: Canonical Se…