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"Hey, Grandma": the Bad Seed in Twin Peaks and Doyle's Canon

Episode 10:“Hey, Grandma”
WARNING:this post has a LOT of spoilers for both Twin Peaks and Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes canon.If you haven’t read the original stories – what are you waiting for?They’re wonderful!Grab a copy and dive right in!!!

This week’s episode of Twin Peaks confirmed that Richard Horne is in fact the grandson of Benjamin and Sylvia Horne.Their evil, twisted, depraved monster of a grandson.This opens up all kinds of questions --- is Audrey his mother, or is Johnny his father?If it IS Audrey, is Evil Coop the father?Is Audrey still alive?Did Richard kill his mother?Did Evil Coop kill Audrey, and/or rape her while comatose after the explosion at the end of season 2?What’s up with all the red shoes popping up lately?It also gave us a disturbing scene of family brutality that I found shocking --- and that’s saying something for a series as cruel and heartless to its characters as Twin Peaks is.
Richard, however, is nothing new:he’s the latest version of the Bad Seed.The child…