FREE SOLAR PONS eBooks in Honor of Steven White, Three Books in The Great Detective Universe Series Now Available, an Amazing New Sherlock Holmes Game on Kickstarter, PLUS an Incredible Book from MX Publishing on the Great Jeremy Brett

Hello everyone,

It is with a heavy heart that I start this blog post in memorial to Steven White. Steve passed away peacefully but suddenly on July 7th. Many of you know Steve as the reader on the Belanger Books audio books. So loved were his audio renditions that fans wrote to us saying that Steven White was now, in their minds, the voice of Solar Pons.

Steve and I became friends via email and Facebook. He was a jolly bloke who loved sharing a witty pun. He had a big heart and enjoyed helping kids and also giving away free copies of his audio books so that everyone could appreciate his Sherlock Holmes and Solar Pons renditions, no matter their income level.

In honor of Steve, for the next five days we are offering free eBooks of the first two Solar Pons books. Also, Steve's step-daughter, Amy Holden, has set up a charitable giving page on JustGiving. All donations go to Success4All, a charity whose mission is to stop educational inequality. As a special education teacher myself, thi…

Invitation to Join Five Miles from Anywhere, a new Online International Scion Society; An Excellent new Sherlock Holmes Book on Kickstarter from Richard Ryan; Call for submissions still open for two Sherlock Holmes anthologies

Join Five Miles From Anywhere - a new Online International Scion Society One of the very few positives to come out of the pandemic is how we Sherlockians have connected online. Many scion societies like my own Dr. Watson's Neglected Patients in Denver moved our monthly meetings to Zoom. I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere has had some interactive recordings through Facebook Live, and the summer conference A Scintillation of Scions has moved to a virtual format for 2020.
With all of these wonderful virtual Holmesian events, a few of us thought it was time to start an online only Scion Society. Thus, Five Miles from Anywhere was born. The Board of the group is made up of members from four continents. We will hold monthly meetings the first Saturday of the month alternating between 5 pm Eastern time and 5 pm London time (BST).The format is that we read and discuss a Sherlock Holmes story either from the canon or a pastiche. A speaker starts the meeting by giving a 10 - 15 minute talk and t…

Call for Submissions to Two New Sherlock Holmes anthologies; Fight the Coronavirus in Style with Belanger Books Face Masks; Author Interview with Derrick Belanger, Chris Chan, and Harry DeMaio on Their Sherlock Holmes and the Great Detective Stories

Hi everyone,

While Belanger Books is, of course, known for publications, we also have a small but growing line of products available on Red Bubble. Our latest addition is Face Masks.

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CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Two New Sherlock Holmes Anthologies from Belanger Books (One Featuring Solar Pons)!
Belanger Books is accepting submissions for two upcoming anthologies:
The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes and Solar Pons, Adventures of the Great DetectivesThroughout the Pontine canon, Solar Pons refers to Sherlock Holmes as his illustrious predecessor and explains that much of his skills of deduction were honed with the guidance of Sherlock Holmes. Remarkably, Dr. Parker and his agent August Derleth never published an adventure with the two detectives working together. How did Holmes instruct Po…