Sherlock Holmes: Adventures Beyond the Canon Comes to Kickstarter in August; Neil Cole's Sci-Fi Museum on Netflix; The Return of the Original Solar Pons

Sherlock Holmes: Adventures Beyond the Canon features 29 new Sherlock Holmes stories from today's top pastiche authors

Sherlock Holmes: Adventures Beyond the Canon 

Coming in August on Kickstarter from Belanger Books, a three volume Sherlock Holmes story collection like no other. Did you ever finish a Sherlock Holmes question and ask "What happened next?" or "Did that villain really perish?" or "What about...?" Now you can get the answers to your questions in Sherlock Holmes: Adventures Beyond the Canon. This three volume collection of 29 stories from today's top Sherlock Holmes authors is organized chronologically and includes an introduction from Holmesian scholar Nicholas Utechin (Sherlock Holmes at Oxford).  Here's a "sneak peek" at the Table of Contents:

Volume I: 1887-1890

The Swamp Adder (A Poem)
            by Rhea Belanger

A Gentleman’s Disagreement
            by Narrelle M. Harris                         

The Incident of the Frantic Countess
            by Arthur Hall                        

The Ten Orange Pips              
            by Jayantika Ganguly            

The Adventure of the Spectral Menace
            by Benjamin Langley                         

The Greek Murder
            by Katie Magnusson                          

The Adventure in Nancy
            by Stephen Herczeg                           

The Shadow of Malice
            by Brenda Seabrooke                         

The Adventure of the Second Pool
            by Nick Dunn-Meynell                      

A for Argentina
            by Mike Hogan          

Volume II: 1894-1902

The Great Detective (A Poem)                                  
            by Rosie Mower

The Adventure of the Empty Cell
            by Kevin P. Thornton

The Case of the Mysterious Horseman
            by Roger Riccard                   

The Adventure of the Third Traitor
            by Craig Janacek                                

A Frail Thread
            by Jacquelynn Morris             

Mercy Unwilling to Trust
            by Thomas Fortenberry          

The Officer in the Duke of Wellington’s Regiment
            by Tim Symonds                    

The Fear of Retribution         
            by Craig Stephen Copland                 

The Case of the Stratford Poisoner                           
            by Mark Mower                     

The Musgrave Burden
            by John Linwood Grant         

Another Man’s Poison
            by Paul Goodenough             

The Mysterious Client
            by Derrick Belanger               

Volume III: 1903-1921

Sherlock Holmes (A Poem)
            by Phoebe Belanger

The Unsettling Matter of the Graveyard Ghoul
            by Will Murray                                               

The Adventure of the Star-Crossed Lovers           
            by Daniel D. Victor                          

The Pearls of Great Price
            by Deanna Baran                               

The Adventure of the Crown Diamond
            by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and
            Ann Margaret Lewis                          

The Adventure of the Gnarled Beeches
            by Robert Perret                     

A Ghost from the Past
            by Nick Cardillo                                

Another Problem at Thor Bridge
            by Geri Schear                       

The Pegasus Affair
            by Tim Symonds                    

The Brook Street Mystery
            by David Marcum

This collection launches on Kickstarter in early August!! Stay tuned for more details!!

Neil Cole's Sci-Fi Museum Opens on Netflix!!

Congratulations to our friend Neil Cole whose Adventures in Science Fiction museum is featured on the third episode of Netflix's Amazing Interiors.  For fans of Dr. Who, H.G. Wells, Marvel movies, and classic science fiction, you have to check out this museum and watch how Neil turned the Georgian cellar of his home into an 800 square foot museum of wonders.  

Neil's museum has over 200 original artifacts including an original Morlock from the George Pal Time Machine film, a classic Dr. Who Dalek and Cyberman, a creature from Alien, and even some artifacts from the Thor and Iron Man films.  Neil's  lovely family is also featured in the Amazing Interiors episode, and one of my favorite lines is when his wife Lisa admits she is thrilled the museum is opening because now she can reclaim all that space in her house! I know my wife would feel the same way.

It is sheer joy watching Neil's dreams come to fruition on screen.  At one point, Neil wide-eyed and filled with aspiration says of the museum, "That crazy idea is going to work. It will work." You were right, my friend. Cheers to you for following your dream!

You can see some of Neil's stunning cover artwork for our two volume anthology Sherlock Holmes: Adventures in the Realms of H.G. Wells.  Neil also wrote the introduction to volume 2.

The Original Solar Pons is Back!!

After a highly successful Kickstarter campaign, the original Solar Pons adventures by August Derleth are now back in print!  And for the first time ever in ebook editions!  

“[Solar Pons is] a clever impersonator, with a twinkle in his eye, which tells us that he knows that he is not Sherlock Holmes, and knows that we know it, but he hopes we will like him anyway for what he symbolizes . . . The best substitute for Sherlock Holmes known.” – Vincent Starrett 

“This literary predecessor of the Master deserves the nostalgic sighs his exploits will bring from most dyed-in-the-red Baker Street Irregulars.” – Time Magazine 

 “Now, meet Solar Pons, the Pride of Praed Street . . . The Master is not too visible – that is, to the naked eye. But you will feel his dynamic presence once again . . . Yes, dear reader, but turn a page, and again – the game is afoot!” – Ellery Queen

Currently, the first four books written by August Derleth are available in brand new editions in book stores and on  Look for a Kickstarter campaign in October to fund the remaining three Solar Pons books by Derleth plus a new book of previously uncollected materials.  

Look for another blog entry soon about the Sherlock Holmes: Adventures Beyond the Canon Kickstarter campaign, a call for submissions to three upcoming Belanger Books anthologies, plus a children's book Kickstarter campaign and more!!

Belanger Books is a small press owned by artist Brian Belanger and author Derrick Belanger specializing in new Sherlock Holmes books, Children's books, Steampunk, and genre specific anthologies.  Some of our books have been #1 bestsellers in their categories on Amazon.


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