Sherlock Holmes in the Realms of H.G. Wells Submissions, Neil Cole's New Sci-Fi Museum, and Stone of Destiny Kickstarter

We have some exciting news at Belanger Books. We are currently accepting submissions for an upcoming anthology. This is a book which we have wanted to put together for years now. Back in 2015, we originally had the idea of putting together an anthology of stories based on The War of the Worlds. While we still may someday put that collection together, we changed our plans when we received a wonderful story submission from author GC Rosenquist. Mr. Rosenquist submitted "The Mystery of the Last Martian". This excellent story has Holmes and Watson solving the mystery mentioned in the title, and it got us thinking, Why not make an entire anthology of stories where Holmes is in the realms of H.G. Wells?  Thus, Sherlock Holmes: Adventures in the Realms of H.G. Wells was born.  See story submission guidelines below:

Sherlock Holmes: Adventures in the Realms of H.G. Wells Submissions

Imagine Holmes trying to solve the case of an invisible man, matching wits with a traveler from out of time, or using his deductive skills to help fight martian invaders. These are just some of the stories which could be included in the new anthology Sherlock Holmes In the Realms of H.G. Wells . The anthology will feature traditional Sherlock Holmes stories blended with one or more tales from H.G. Wells.  
Belanger Books is calling for submissions from writers, new or established, which are between 5,000 - 10,000 words (it is okay to be over or under some). 
The stories must feel like traditional Holmes and Wells stories. For example, the stories should have the traditional Holmes and Watson working with the traditional characters and realms of H.G. Wells. For example, a story that is a sequel to the Time Machine should have Holmes and Watson working with The Time Traveller. It should not feel like Sherlock meets Dr. Who. 
The stories must use public domain material (some aspects of Holmes, like his life as a retired bee keeper are still under copyright in America; some of H.G. Wells’s later work is also under copyright in America). 
Authors will receive a portion of net sales (between 2 - 5% depending on number of stories) from the Kickstarter campaign and from the first year of book sales.  
Authors retain the rights to their work.
Due Date: All submissions must be received by July 15th
Send submissions to: Include the word SUBMISSION in the subject heading.  In the body include your name, a brief synopsis of your story, and your story length (# of words).

New Science Fiction Museum Coming Soon!

And for you H.G. Wells and science fiction fans, have we got a treat for you! Artist Neil Cole is putting together a classic science fiction museum in the village of Allendale, UK.  Neil's artwork (see the outstanding Morlock above) will be incorporated in Sherlock Holmes: Adventures in the Realms of H.G. Wells. For his museum, Neil has some outstanding pieces from the original Dr. Who series as well as some from the Marvel Movie Universe which he is currently restoring.  

To fund the museum, Neil will be starting a Kickstarter campaign soon. Once it goes live, we will let everyone know and help promote it.  We want to see this museum be a huge success!  For more on  Neil Cole's Adventures in Science Fiction, check out the museum's website and Facebook page.  

Richard T. Ryan Kickstarter is Live!

Our last blog entry was an interview with Sherlock Holmes author Richard T. Ryan. You can now order his books through a Kickstarter campaign!  The coolest rewards include autographed copies of his book and the chance to be a character in his third Sherlock Holmes novel! Back the Kickstarter here.

Belanger Books is a small press owned by artist Brian Belanger and author Derrick Belanger specializing in new Sherlock Holmes books, Children's books, Steampunk, and genre specific anthologies.  Some of our books have been #1 bestsellers in their categories on Amazon. 


  1. Fascinating!; I've just been reading of a Holmes/Riger Haggard crossover and I'm planning a Steampunk Holmes story for my own anthology... I grew up reading Wells and this is intriguing...

    1. Glad your interested in the book. We have received some great submissions! Let us know if you have any questions.

    2. Should say "Glad you're interested in the book." I hate auto correct!


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